J. Graham Brown School Counseling Mission Statement

The mission of The J. Graham Brown School Counseling Program is to foster respect, individuality, awareness, and accountability in our students by providing systematic and comprehensive school counseling services. Academic, social, and career skills will be nurtured through direct and indirect services ensuring that all students reach their highest potential based on their unique needs and abilities.

The school counselor provides services and expertise to and for the student, teacher, parent, and the community.

Examples of services provided are:  

  • Advocating for ALL students.
  • Developing Guidance Programs to meet students needs.
  • Helping create a positive school environment where children can learn.
  • Offering support during personal crisis.
  • Improving communication between the home and school.
  • Facilitating parent conferences.
  • Identifying deterrents to learning and development.
  • Facilitating individual and group counseling.
  • Guiding students in selection of appropriate placement and course sequence.
  • Offering College and Career guidance.
  • Leading Transition Planning
  • Coordinating efforts and referrals with other school based resources and community agencies. 

When Should Parents Contact Their Child's School Counselor?

  • Concerns about student achievement
  • Special needs and considerations
  • Early discussion and indentification of a crisis
  • Family or student difficulties or concerns
  • Peer relationships 
  • Correct placement in classes and sequences
  • Information related to future career and college planning
  • Arranging teacher or student conferences
  • Information about post-secondary financial assistance and scholarships
  • New school registration and orientation
  • Test Interpretation

Parents can call the school counselor any time they have a concern for their child to schedule a conference.