2019-2020 North Star Defense Dates

5th , 8th, and 12th grade students will present a culmination of their learning and growth to a panel consisting of Brown School staff, and community member volunteers. 

Friday 11/22/2019 12th and 8th Grade
Friday 12/13/2019 12th and 8th Grade
Friday 1/17/2020 12th and 8th Grade
Friday 1/31/2020 12th and 8th Grade
Friday 2/7/2020 5th Grade
Thursday 2/13/2010 12th and 8th Grade
Friday 2/21/2020  5th Grade Only
Friday 2/28/2020  12th and 8th Grade
Friday 3/13/2020 8th Grade
Friday 3/20/2020 5th Grade
Thursday 3/26/2020 5th and 8th Grade 













Success Skills

Backpack of Success Skills

At the J. Graham Brown School, students will develop their  JCPS Graduate profile Success Skills, and grow as Self-Directed Learners (SDL) in order to help students attain key academic, cognitive, social, and self-management skills.

Backpacks Everywhere

The Digital Backpack is a virtual space, or platform, where students will collect evidence of their JCPS Graduate profile Success Skill development. Each student will have a variety of learning artifacts every step of the way. Artifacts will include student reflections of the learning experience, and will be “tagged” to the Success Skills that most closely align to the work.

Defense Presentations 

In addition, each student will be asked to defend his or her readiness at the key transition points of second grade, fifth grade, eighth grade, and graduation. Students will discuss and show their readiness to transition using evidence from their digital backpacks to a panel.

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