Our Vision

J. Graham Brown School students have "reasoned minds and educated hearts" of self-directed life-long learners.

  • Students are critical, open-minded, and creative thinkers who are willing to take risks and are eager for new knowledge.

  • Students are compassionate, tolerant, and respectful human beings who value cultural diversity and contribute to the community.

Self-Directed Learning Example

Self-Directed Learning/Project Based Learning Example

AP Courses and Electives

Advanced Placement Courses
AP Human Geography
AP Government & Politics
AP European History
AP U.S. History
AP Biology
AP Chemistry
AP Environmental Science
AP Calculus
AP Statistics
AP Seminar
AP Research
AP English Literature
AP English Language
AP Computer Science
AP Psychology
AP Art Studio
* High School students also take dual-credit college classes at local universities.

High School Elective Courses
Visual Art I, 2, 3, & 4
Visual Art Independent Study
Digital Game Design
Digital Literacy
Global Issues
Advanced P.E. at the YMCA
Advanced P.E. - Team Sports in our gym
Creative Writing
Anatomy & Physiology

Middle School Elective Courses
Visual Art
Digital Literacy
Digital Storytelling

Elementary School Elective Courses
General Music
Suzuki Violin
Visual Art
Digital Literacy


What is the J. Graham Brown School?  The J. Graham Brown School is the district's oldest magnet school, beginning in 1972. It is a unique learning community that serves students in grades K-12. Brown provides a self-directed learning, with a classic liberal arts focus, delivered in a small informal learning community. Brown does not provide a career readiness program, so all students must be on grade level. The curriculum is a college preparatory experience and is patterned to maximize the talents and interests of the individual student.

What is self-directed learning?  Brown's self-directed learning environment sets the stage for students with that learning style to flourish. Self-directed learning is very different from Montessori, as it encourages students to choose non-preferred learning activities that are difficult and intellectually challenging. However, students in both programs must demonstrate the ability to work independently and possess the ability to focus without teacher redirection. Our program is undergirded by focused development in the areas of independence, empathy, and initiative. For more information about self-directed learning, click HERE.

Do Brown School students get to learn at their own pace?  No. Student learning is at a minimum pace with the curriculum maps provided by JCPS. In most classes at Brown, learning is accelerated or goes much deeper than that in the JCPS curriculum maps. Any student not demonstrating proficiency on grade level curriculum may be required to attend after-school tutoring, participate in additional online remediation while at home, and enroll in during-school remediation classes in lieu of additional electives.

Does Brown have a uniform policy?  No, Brown students do not wear uniforms. The Brown School community values the individuality of all students. A standard dress code does exist and can be found in the Student Dress Policy. Students are expected to refrain from wearing any clothing that would be demeaning to others, disruptive to the education process, or is considered indecent or vulgar in nature.

Is school bus transportation provided to Brown students?  No, the JCPS district does not provide bus service to the Brown School. Students and parents are responsible for getting students to and from school on time. TARC tickets are provided to students who need them.

Can students living outside Jefferson County attend Brown?  No, all Brown School students must be Jefferson County residents.

What are Brown's school hours?  School begins at 8:00 AM and dismisses at 2:40 PM. Students may be dropped off as early as 7:30 AM and must be picked up by 3:00 PM unless participating in a supervised after-school activity or enrolled in the YMCA CEP program.

Does Brown offer the Advance Program or Advanced Placement?  Yes. Brown offers the Advance Program beginning in 4th grade. For high school students, a catalog of Advanced Placement courses are offered. Students may also take college and dual-credit classes at local universities and online.

Can Brown High School students take college classes?  Yes. Brown High students have numerous opportunities to take college credit and dual-credit courses. Juniors and seniors can walk from Brown to JCTC and take dual-credit classes. Juniors and seniors can also drive or ride TARC to the University of Louisville to take dual-credit classes. Brown also has a unique partnership with Western Kentucky University; students, as early as their sophomore year, can enroll in dual-credit classes that either meet face-to-face on the Brown campus or can take classes online. Most of these opportunities cost as little as $52 a credit hour, which is about a 90% discount over normal tuition. Some students may be able to take advantage of Kentucky's Dual Credit Scholarship and could take classes for free.

Is Brown for everyone?  Not necessarily. No school is a perfect fit for every individual. A Brown School student should be one who prefers a smaller learning community where everyone is known. Students should possess the interest and ability to learn independently and be self-directed in their studies. They should value inquiry and enjoy being challenged by other points of view and opinions. They should be students who are serious about finding their academic passions and care about doing well in all they experience.

Do you accept "second choice"  or late applications?  Yes and no. Our admissions committee reviews second choice and late applications for prospective high school enrollment. We do not review second choice and late applications for prospective elementary and middle school enrollment.

Do students really call teachers by their first names?  Mostly. There are many teachers and staff members at the Brown School who go by first names. There are also teachers who prefer going by last names. Our philosophy is that respect is much more than the names by which we are called. We encourage everyone to be called by the names with which they are comfortable.

Is the student population diverse?  Yes, Brown School students come from all parts of the school district and represent a variety of ethnic and socio-economic backgrounds. Geographic diversity is valued and is a consideration in the admissions process.

Are there athletics and activities at Brown?  Yes. Brown does offer a wide variety of athletic and extra-curricular activities. Currently, there are 39 athletic teams and 44 co-curricular activities across elementary, middle, and high. Visit our Athletics page and Student Activities page for more information.

Is Brown a public school?  Yes. We are one of many public schools within Jefferson County Public Schools.