Other Announcements

We need volunteers to help work registration tables. You can sign up HERE.

Class assignments for grades 1 through 5 will be shared at registration.

All kindergarten required paperwork will be collected by records clerk during your child's Brigance appointment.

All 6th grade required paperwork will be collected during the scheduled orientation.

Kindergarten Intake/Brigance Sign Up

Kindergarten Camp Sign Up

Google Calendars

You can now subscribe to our school's Google calendar, and you can view it using the calendar app on your phone!

To add our school-wide event calendar, using your phone, click THIS LINK.

To add our school-wide athletic calendar, using your phone, click THIS LINK.

School Fee Information

Starting with the 2018-19 school year, school fees may be paid online with a credit or debit card using EZ Pay. Those who pay in advance using EZ Pay and bring in their receipt will be able to access the "Fast Pass" line at registration. More information about using EZ Pay will be forthcoming! As always, fees can be paid in person using cash, check, or money order. We are also able to set up a payment plan for families when needed; please see our bookkeeper for more details. Families who qualify for free or reduced meal prices are not required to pay school fees.

The following General Fees will be collected during registration and should be paid prior to the first day of school. Please keep in mind that if you wish to pay via check or money order, we need a separate check/money order for each student for accounting purposes.

General Fees:

Elementary students

 Lower School Fee   $25.00
 Rotation Elective Fees   $15.00
 Technology Fee  $15.00
 Locker Fee  $ 5.00
 Total Fees  $60.00

Middle & High students

 Upper School Fee   $40.00
 Technology Fee  $15.00
 Locker Fee  $ 5.00
 Total Fees  $60.00

Additional Fees:

Additional fees can be paid using EZ Pay or can be collected by the teacher or sponsor of record using a check, money order, or cash. Fees for elective classes will not be collected until after the 10th day of school, as students may not drop/add classes after that date. The deadlines for these fees vary; please ask teacher or sponsor for more information.

 Robotics   $50.00
 Science Electives  $50.00
 Band  $50.00
 Choir  $40.00
 Orchestra  $40.00
 Suzuki  $40.00
 Instrument Rental  $40.00
 Drama  $40.00
 Ceramics  $50.00
 Other Visual Art Electives   $40.00
 Journalism  $30.00
 Creative Writing  $30.00
 Career/Tech Education  $40.00
 Physical Education  $ 5.00
 Technology Rental  $25.00
 Advanced Placement Exams  $94.00
 PSAT  $15.00
 Jr./Sr. Beta Club  $25.00
 National Honor Society  $20.00
 National Art Honor Society  $10.00
 Athletic Insurance/Try Out Fee   $20.00
 Athletic Trainer Fee  $20.00
 High School Volleyball  $50.00
 Cheerleading  $50.00
 Career/Tech Student Organization   $25.00

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